Metal construction – building for the future

Aluminium and steel have withstood the test of time in window and façade construction as functionally versatile and easy-to-process materials. These materials will continue to play an important role in the construction industry for many years to come. With unmatched durability and excellent thermal and sound insulation aluminium and steel windows and façade systems are able to fulfil the highest demands for cost effectiveness, function and design.

We have many years of experience in the fabrication of windows and façade systems from metal materials. With 4,800 square metres of production area in total, we manufacture components for construction projects throughout Germany.

Innovative solutions and effective implementation

Building construction, expansion and renovation – this is our main field of business in which we have completed more than 2,000 projects throughout Germany since our company was founded. This work has included the production and installation of entire outer shell with aluminium and steel mullion-transom facades, aluminium and steel window-door structures, curtain walling, revolving door installations, awnings as solar shading systems, external blinds with rigid hollow slats or glass blades, fire and smoke-control doors, aluminium and steel roof glazing systems and custom-made systems.

We work with products from the window and door system manufacturers Schüco, Jansen and RP. Our production facilities are equipped with highly modern machines, which enable us to meet demands for short production times and top quality. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our numerous certifications and business accreditations.
Computer-aided processes ensure the highest level of accuracy because precision is an especially important factor in the field of window and façade construction. Therefore we are committed to fulfilling the highest standards for precision at all times. Our employees undergo continued professional training; with this high level of expertise we are able to develop innovative solutions and provide effective implementation for any project.





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Germany-wide more than 5,000 projects since 1957